How love can help you reduce your cellulite

Being a mom is always a difficult especially if you have cellulite. I would do anything for my little girl. This is the sort of attitude that makes us great mothers. It is this kind of thinking that allows us to always get the best of what we can for our children. This is my story and that of my sweet baby, Mavis. When I say “baby”, I actually mean child, since she’s not really a baby.

A true cellulite story and to find motivation

mom and daughter have celluliteA few years ago, both Mavis and I were not as physically healthy as we both are today. I’ll be honest; I never cared much for eating healthy, and of course, neither did Mavis. It’s not that we ate poorly for the sake of it, we were simply not overly aware of the serious risks of eating the kinds of foods (fatty, processed, sugary) that we ate on a daily basis.

I am the manager of a small restaurant and I typically used to get our food from there. It was the easiest and quickest way to have dinner every day since I was always too exhausted from work to bother stepping into another kitchen to cook. Don’t get me wrong, I was not negligent.

But, back then, I hated my job (my boss was crazy) and I was too physically and mentally exhausted to do anything once I got home. I was unwilling to go one extra mile and prepare dinner that I knew would be healthy and beneficial for both Mavis and me. I wanted to eat healthy so badly…

My doughtier became sick

girl with health problems -  healthy eating is a mustWhat happened next would hence be my fault. Neither one of my parents nor my brothers had ever had a serious illness; even when we chose not to take care of our bodies. At the time, I had never given much thought to this, meaning I was not fully aware of the risks of our bad eating habits. All we ate was amazing but ultimately dangerous restaurant food. If you do this as well, I advise you to stop it right away.

Mavis soon started complaining of dizziness and pains in virtually all parts of her body. She was feeling nauseated, she sometimes had restlessness and other worrying symptoms. I could tell something was seriously wrong and we had to deal with it before it got too late.

We went to the doctor’s office and Mavis was diagnosed with coronary heart disease—although it was very mild. This was more than a wake-up call. My baby girl was seriously ill and it was my fault. I had to do something about it.

She had to follow a healthy diet or she could have died

The doctor scolded me for the diet I got her used to. Among the medication, the doctor demanded that I improve our diet. Mavis had to eat well. This was a prerequisite for her to become healthy once again.

When we got home that day, I talked to Mavis about her condition and stressed the need to stop eating the restaurant food and start eating something akin to rabbit food. Obviously, Mavis wasn’t happy about it since the food we were so used to be the kind you pay top dollar for.

For weeks I tried getting her to eat better but she always turned down the food. She never refused to eat outright, but she always ate too little. Technically, this is a way to lose weight, but is unhealthy. It hardly mattered how much I talked to her about it. She ate poorly.

But Mavis looks up to me. There is nobody she loves more than her single mother. So, I decided to take it upon myself to show her the importance of eating healthy.

I decided to change my body and eating habits

I had to set an example for Mavis, so I decided to show her how to eat salads and all that healthy stuff. The plan wasn’t to get myself healthy. My primary concern was to get her healthy. So, I decided to make a few fun games out of the food. If she ate her now very boring healthy food properly, she would get interesting desserts (I did a lot of research on healthy desserts). This was the only way Mavis could lose healthier and get rid of her coronary heart disease.

It took months and months until we both got used to it (it was equally hard for me too, but I had to show her eating healthy could be fun). Without realizing it, I had lost a lot of the excess weight I had. All the cellulite I once had was vanished (or vanishing). The rounder areas of my abdomen were getting a little tauter.

Healthy eating is the ultimate way to get rid of cellulite for women

Now, a few years later, we hardly eat the food I peddle around the restaurant. Mavis insists on knowing the pros and cons of all the types of food we eat. Her heart is extremely healthy now, I am as figurine as I was back in my college days—virtually no cellulite.